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Are Your Hands too Small to Play the Piano?

Tuesday, June 30, 2020 by Alan Moore | Uncategorized

It doesn't have to be a problem learning to play the piano if you have small hands. In fact, it can have it's advantages - you might find it easier to playmore quickly and lighter than somebody who has bigger fingers.

Also, there's a sneaky technique involving breaking chords with the pedal.

Here's more information:


Hand Flexibility

Monday, June 22, 2020 by Alan Moore | Uncategorized

Hand flexibility is crucial if pianists are to play to their full potential AND with ease, avoiding the dreaded tension.        

Here's a great article by Melanie Spanswick on the subject. Well worth a read:

Hand Flexibility: Piano Professional Article

The best digital pianos to buy RIGHT NOW

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 by Alan Moore | digital

Just in case you're thinking of buying a digital piano as a main instrument or to supplement the acoustic. Digital pianos have improved tremendously over the last few years and are now a viable alternative to the more traditional acoustic piano.

Here's an informative article from Pianist Magazine that will give you more information: